How to be great at programming: #3 Ways

Through this article, you will learn how to become a tremendously skillful developer just by following three extra steps. If you do not do this already it will improve your skills. If you start off in development this will help you for sure. So it comes down to these three basic things and I’m gonna right off the bat.

I. Platform

Start off with the number one that a lot of developers focus on is syntax. Consequently, they worry about how they’re going to execute the program? How short it’s going to be the writing of it? What variables to use? So stop worrying about that stuff. The first step that you should be worrying about is the platform. What platform are you writing on? Understand the core of how that platform works.

This might not seem important right. Now because of course a developer you don’t need to do these things because we don’t write low-level stuff. But if you are interested in learning about it then it will help you out. Understand the shortcomings of that platform and also the advantages that it gives you. Which also makes you think a bit differently.

Code is all about solutions and problem-solving. Almost like fitting two pieces of a puzzle together. and if you can understand How that platform can help facilitate you in solving that problem a little bit better then you’re golden. So you’re going to come up with solutions that are way better than any other developer out there.

For Instance

So let’s take an example of the blockchain and let’s look at Ethereum. So Ethereum you’re trying to write a smart contract. You heard about solidity and you learn solidity. Now you go ahead and write this beautiful program and unfortunately, it’s on the blockchain. But maybe a few months down the line it just breaks. It doesn’t handle data any well it’s very slow it’s heavy and you don’t know what you did wrong. Well, I can tell you and that’s because you never read up on the capacity of smart contracts and the limitations they have on data stored within them.

If you understood the platform that that piece of software was going to run on and that’s the basic concept. I can give there are a lot more concepts like understanding event loops in node.js and all these kinds of cool things but understanding how the platform works. The framework works that your code is going to be running on is for me the number one step and not syntax. Not how you’re going to code it but understanding the platform. Once you do that the first step is done and you’re on your way to becoming a legend in programming.

II. Work Along

Now number two is super crucial that you write code down not on a piece of paper but actually practice on an ide. So when someone gives you a tutorial and you’re following along I know it sounds like effort and it sounds stupid when someone says if you really want to learn something write about it speak about it and repeat the thing. Is that even true?

Yes, there is some truth to that because it practices your fingers to write code. Now it sounds stupid because our fingers don’t really have brains by themselves. But you have a brain and your brain have nerve endings. Well, I don’t know I’m not a doctor but they somehow go to your fingers and it’s called I think muscle memory. So when you start writing you’ll find writing it over and over and over again certain things will help you to become better at programming.

For Instance

One other thing that I want to mention is let’s say there are some simple tasks such as a for loop, a while loop, an if statement, switch statements, and functions. What you need to do is actually write these out. Don’t go for the shorthands and click on the tab and then it just opens it up if you’re not really practiced in doing this.

The reason is that you’re always going to forget how to write these pieces of code out but when you sit down and write code and try to remember doing it and just typing it in. I promise you you’re going to remember it after a while and it really trains the mind to work with your body when you’re coding. So it all comes down to the retrieval process that takes place between your mind and your body reiterating what you already know. It’s almost as if you want to prove to yourself that you know this and you can push it out into the world.

That is kind of what scientists talk about when they say to write things down. In this case type out code but it is kind of that validation period for you to validate to yourself that you know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important.

So always try and attempt to write code even if you get stuck. Go on stack overflow go on these help web searches that are out there. The whole web is full of the solutions that you need. If you do that you’re going to find an easy time to quickly find a solution. Remember not to become a copy and paste coder. Otherwise, you’re going to struggle down the line.

III. Do Research

It brings me to my third point and that is to do research. It’s okay to google solutions all the time that is how you learn. If you frown from doing research because you’re too proud to think that you know everything then you are going to step into a very big hole one day. Later you will realize the whole world has progressed and there are new ways of doing things. It is not to keep your code so much up to date and yes it’s important for that because code gets outdated fairly quickly but all things still work.

The point is for you to discover new ways new technologies and who knows you might be introduced to a whole new world of a language or framework that you’ll never have uncovered if you don’t read and research new technologies. It’s okay to use SAS but search and research says because if you, later on, want to use SAS you’ll feel way more comfortable and acceptable to that language.


Now I hope you liked these three tips and I do hope that you guys go and try them out. That’s it these three steps will help you to become a legend in programming and the reason why I say this is because it truly does. These three things are the core of everything really that you want to teach yourself or learn or better yourself in.

Let me know how this works out for you. Number one try to learn more about the platform that you are writing code on number two write code and number three do more research on different stuff on different frameworks and platforms, codebases, languages, and everything.

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