Real time Number Plates Identifier and Counter in Python

Real time Number Plates Identifier and Counter in Python


The project Real time Number Plates Identifier and Counter in Python is made with the programming language of Python. This project is used to detect the plate of the license in the real-time of the vehicle. It also helps to find the culprit of the accident.
The CCTV camera helps to identify the number of license plates. Through the number plate, we find the location and address of the vehicle.


Real-time number plate detectors and identifiers are the technology made by the programming language of Python for image processing. We will distinguish the vehicle of different models by their number plates. With the help of number plates, we easily find our vehicle among the huge amount of vehicles.

It is an automatic model of technology through which we can find and detect, how many number plates of vehicles are riding on the road with the help of cameras which are fitted on the signal and any other building. This system is very helpful in many fields and sectors for detection. We will trace the vehicle, monitor the vehicle and traffic, the highway payment on tolls, and many more.

We can also save from accidents through the system and detector. It is easy for us to find the culprit who is involved in the crime. We can also find and detect the speed of the vehicle with 98.9level of accuracy in any kind of environment.

The software and quality of the camera are awesome because the camera is run by the number plate of real-time capture. From the captured images that are extracted from the number plates, the software is used to recognize the characters by a tool that helps to allow the pixels to translate the number plates of the vehicle into characters of readable numerical.


  • The real-time number plate, detector system is classified into several steps through which we get the points on how the system of the real-time detector of a number plate is working in how many steps and the process of steps.
  • In the given below, some of the steps are listed-
  • The system will help for detecting the vehicle through its number plates.
  • Then after detection, the next work is to localize the number plate of the vehicle
  • The third work is to arrange the segments of the characters
  • The Forth work is to translate the characters into numerical readable characters
  • The Last step of work is to store the characters in databases for further detection.


Here, some of the requirements for the hardware of the real-time number plate detector and counter are mentioned below-

  • Laptop
  • Camera


For the system of real-time number plate detectors, some of the requirements of tools are needed to do the detection and identifier work easily. Some of the requirements are listed below for the project real-time-

  • Python 3.7
  • Open CV
  • Tkinter


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