Google is offering free Python course in 2024

Google is offering free Python course


Google is offering free Python course that goes over the essentials of the language. If you’re new to Python or programming in general and want to learn the fundamentals, this course is a great resource. This is a self-paced course that contains textual materials, practice with Python coding, video lectures, and several code exercises.

What is python?

Certainly! Guido van Rossum designed Python, which was originally made available in 1991. It works with several programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming. Because of its syntax, which prioritizes code readability, Python is a well-liked option for both novice and seasoned engineers.

It has a large standard library and a vibrant community, contributing to its extensive ecosystem of third-party libraries and frameworks. Popular frameworks include Django for web development, TensorFlow for machine learning, and Flask for building web applications.

Python is an interpreted language, and its interpreter allows for interactive and dynamic programming. The language is used in various domains, from web development and scientific computing to automation and scripting. Its simplicity and versatility make it a go-to language for many developers.

Why python is popular?

Python’s popularity can be attributed to its readability, versatile nature, and extensive libraries. With a syntax that emphasizes clarity, Python is approachable for beginners and fosters collaboration among developers. Its multipurpose capabilities make it suitable for diverse applications, from web development to data science and automation. The language’s rich standard library and a thriving ecosystem of third-party tools contribute to efficient development. The strong community support, cross-platform compatibility, and open-source nature further enhance Python’s appeal. Its simplicity facilitates learning, while its prevalence in data science and AI applications solidifies its standing as a widely adopted programming language.

Details about Google Python Class

For those just starting out, the Google Python course is a great resource and is totally free. It offers a strong foundation in Python programming, which is an important ability for many other fields, such as data analysis and web development.Students who want to learn more about Python and have some prior knowledge of the language can benefit from this course. Google uses all of these Python course resources to support users with varying degrees of programming experience.

Explain to them what Python is, how to learn to code with it, and how to use it in practical situations.Those with a basic understanding of any programming language can enroll in the Python course. Only rudimentary knowledge of each of these topics is required for Python programming.


Each written part concludes with a link that is very helpful in learning Python programming. You can use Python programming to complete your first coding exercises after finishing the course.All of these Google Python Class materials can be learned in just two days. The videos are arranged as day 1 and day 2 so that you can learn Python step by step in this manner.

Google is offering free Python course Link

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